Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and if you're anything like us, it's the driving force that gets you out of bed in the morning. Aside from a good old English fry-up, American breakfasts are some of the best. So we've collated some of our favourites to inspire you and refresh your morning meal repertoire. Including both sweet and savoury options, these ideas are perfect for treating yourself when a bowl of cereal just isn't cutting it.


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1. American blueberry pancakes

american blueberry pancakes

Who could possibly turn down a plate of light and fluffy American pancakes? This classic breakfast sees pancakes studded with blueberries, then stacked high, drizzled in syrup and topped with extra fruit, providing you with a sweet-tasting sensation to kick-start your day. We like ours served with a large pot of steaming hot coffee, or a brunch cocktail if we're feeling fancy.

American pancakes are an indulgent weekend brunch – see our brunch recipes and healthy brunch recipes for more.

2. Breakfast burrito

breakfast burrito

A breakfast burrito is a sure-fire way to fuel you through to lunch, especially when you stuff a nutritious wholemeal wrap with protein-rich eggs, avocado and smoky chipotle paste. It's a brilliant savoury option if you're having breakfast on the go, too.

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3. Classic waffles

Classic waffles on a plate, cut into triangles

Savoury or sweet? The choice is up to you, thanks to our all-in-one batter mix. For lighter waffles, whisk the egg white until fluffy, then fold through the batter.

If you're into the sweet variety, drizzle with maple syrup or sprinkle with icing sugar. Or, top with spinach and a fried egg or even fried chicken.

4. Homemade bagels

Three homemade bagels resting on a napkin on a white plate, next to a mug of coffee

Master the art of bagel-making with Edd Kimber's recipe. Bagels are an American breakfast staple, with a moreish, chewy consistency that makes them great for egg sandwiches or lox. These can be frozen for up to two months, so you can get ahead.

Find more bagel recipes, including these standout ricotta, fig & sesame bagels.

5. Pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin muffins on a baking tray and wire rack

Enjoy the aroma of freshly baked muffins as you make this simple, sweet treat. Spiced with cinnamon and pumpkin purée, they serve as the perfect morning snack, especially in autumn.

See more breakfast muffin recipes, including our banana & blueberry muffins and apple & sultana muffins.

6. French toast

A plate of French toast drizzled in syrup and topped with berries

If tea and toast isn't cutting it, try this American favourite. Serve with a glug of maple syrup, or try a sweet and salty combination by adding bacon.

Take your pick from our favourite French toast recipes for decadent morning feasting, including indulgent chocolate & banana French toast.

7. Eggs benedict

Two eggs benedict served on a white plate with a fork

You may be surprised to hear this breakfast dish was popularised in New York City. Featuring poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce on fluffy English muffins, it makes for a hearty weekday breakfast or leisurely weekend brunch.

Try our eggs benedict pancakes for a twist on this recipe, or cook this revamped Marmite version, swapping muffins with waffles.

8. Pastrami hash

Pastrami hash in a frying pan next to a small bowl of sliced gherkins

Bring the flavours of New York to your breakfast spread with a filling pan of pastrami hash with runny fried eggs. It's made using just five ingredients: potatoes, pastrami, emmental, eggs and sliced gherkins. If you like, add a squirt of American mustard.

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9. Blueberry muffins

easy blueberry muffins cropped

You're just a few simple steps away from bite-sized bliss with these easy blueberry muffins. Bake a batch for a relaxed weekend brunch.

Find more delectable morning treats with our breakfast muffin recipes, which includes both sweet and savoury ideas.

10. Cinnamon rolls

Next level cinnamon rolls drizzled with icing

Treat yourself to a batch of warm cinnamon buns for breakfast with a difference. If you're looking for shortcuts to save time and effort, try our easy cinnamon rolls.


Achieve sweet and sticky perfection with our Belgian buns, caramel apple cinnamon buns and sourdough cinnamon buns.

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