With the autumn chill approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to refreshing summer salads and sizzling barbecue mains, and hello to comforting recipes like casseroles, stews, pasta bakes and more. A warming crumble is one dessert perfect for alleviating your cold fingers and toes. There’s something here for everyone, from traditional seasonal flavours to more unusual combinations like banoffee flapjack crumble.


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These simple crumbles are excellent for feeding a crowd or enjoying on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea. For more fruity bakes that use the best seasonal ingredients, check out our apple recipes, damson recipes, pear recipes and rhubarb recipes. Check out our autumn dessert recipes and winter dessert recipes for more family puddings, Christmas-based bakes and spiced biscuits.

10. Apple crumble loaf cake

Apple loaf cake with front slices cut

This rustic fruit crumble cake made with raisins and mixed spice, and topped with a crunchy hazelnut crumble topping turns a traditional apple crumble into a freezable loaf cake that can be enjoyed as a quick sweet breakfast instead of a slice of banana bread, or alongside a cup of tea in the afternoon.

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9. Rhubarb & custard pie with butter crumble

Rhubarb and custard pie topped with crumble

This luxurious dessert by Moyra Fraser combines the classic rhubarb custard pie with a crumble. Sweet rhubarb, gently warmed with golden caster sugar, nestled in a flaky pastry crust, is topped with a luscious vanilla custard infused with rhubarb juices – a crunchy blend of oats, ginger and demerara sugar crowns this masterpiece. Baked to perfection, it's a symphony of flavours and textures in every bite. Serve warm for a truly delightful treat.

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8. Plum & almond crumble slice


Enjoy these delectable plum almond crumble bars. A buttery mixture of ground almonds, flour and sugar forms a crunchy base, layered with a luscious filling of plums, cinnamon and almond batter. It is topped with a generous sprinkle of flaked almonds for that perfect finishing touch. Baked to golden perfection, it's a heavenly treat to savour.

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7. Raspberry & apple crumble squares

Raspberry and apple crumble squares

A brilliant combination of two great puddings – sponge and crumble. Try reader Bridie Bannon's fruity traybake. It’s a tremendous transportable pudding you can put into lunch boxes for a pick-me-up.

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6. Banana cake with pecan crumble crunch

Banana cake topped with pecan crumble topping

Top this moist banana cake with a delicious crunchy pecan crumble made by rubbing together sugar, flour, chopped pecans and butter. It’s perfect for a midday pick-me-up.

5. Rhubarb crumble muffins


With all the beautiful flavours of a crumble but in the form of a lovely moist muffin, these bakes are sure to be a hit this autumn. Make them in a big batch of up to 12 muffins, then reduce waste by freezing your leftovers for your next afternoon tea.

Our simple muffin recipes are great for a quick breakfast, a filling snack or a sweet treat.

4. Apple flapjack crumble

Apple crumble with serving spoon

This variation on the traditional apple crumble is quick, easy to make and feeds up to six people. Sweetening the apples with apricot jam and orange juice gives them a delicious fruity flavour, and adding a little syrup to the oat crumble creates chewy clusters.

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3. Rhubarb crumble


Simmer rhubarb in port and caster sugar to sweeten it before adding it to the filling of this autumnal dessert. Serve warm with homemade vanilla ice cream or cold with piping hot vanilla custard. See our helpful recipe tip for a quick method for making homemade vanilla custard.

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2. Apple & blackberry crumble

Apple and blackberry crumble

Besides juicy Braeburn apples, why not add your foraged blackberries to create this lovely seasonal dessert? Pre-cooking the topping will make it extra crispy while retaining the fruit’s texture.

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1. The best apple crumble

Apple crumble with a chunk missing

It’s hard to beat a traditional apple filling topped with buttery crumble. Our ultimate apple crumble recipe can be made using less than 10 ingredients and on your table in under an hour. Follow along with our helpful step-by-step video to build your confidence in creating this comforting pud.

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